VoiceMailPro - A Next Generation VoiceMail.

VoiceMailPro is now available on Google Play Store.

Amazing Features

List of features that you won't get in any voicemail

Never lose a call

Auto respond your calls with relevant voice messages.

Rule Based VoiceMail

Auto Answer, Record based on rules: Geo-Fence / Location Based, Time Based, Contacts / Group Based.

Listen Anywhere

Sync your recorded files to your Google Drive and listen it anywhere, anydevice.

See it Anywhere

Sync your call logs and view it in a browser anywhere.

Add Your Notes

Add notes to the calls, so that you can easily search later.

No Fees

No need to pay monthly fee to listen your voicemails. Everything inside your mobile storage.

Why VoiceMailPro

The VoiceMailPro is a device similar to the traditional answering machine, designed to auto respond your incoming calls on your mobile, by relevant voice messages. Not only that, all calls can be answered and recorded based on the rules assigned to the contacts, even to the Unknown numbers. The recorded files can be synced to the Google Drive and Notes can be added to each file, which will be useful for search. The call logs can be also synced to the Google Calendar. .

  • A month long battery life
  • Perfectly packed in a tiny form factor
  • Live Free, No charges for using it
  • Your Privacy, Your Voicemail, On Your Mobile
  • Tons of features and easy to use

VoiceMailPro is the solution.

Everyday we get distracted from the work by answering all the incoming calls to the mobile phones. When we get a call from a landline, we cannot reject it with SMS, so we are in situation to pickup the calls. when we get a call from unknown numbers, we are tempted to know about the call, so we answer the call even to notify that we are busy. But there was an option of diverting the call to the voicemail, which is an outdated non-interactive solution, along with charges leived for accessing it.

The existing voice mail services store the data on their servers, which may have privacy issues.But by using the VoiceMailPro, all the data will be stored only on the phone.

Description with video

Various real life use cases of VoiceMailPro


Coming soon.

On the Internet

Forums and Social sites.

On the Print

Newspapers & Magazines.


Screenshots of the app features

Affordable Packages

Anyone can buy, be it for Personal / Couples / Family


$50 /1 device


$90 /2 device


$175 /4 device

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